Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Youth empowerment is a key focus area at ACSOS Initiative. Through education, skills development, mentorship programs, and leadership opportunities, we empower young people to become active agents of positive change in their communities. By investing in youth, we foster innovation, resilience, and sustainable development. Home About Us Summary Partiners Contact Us Solutions Research […]
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Climate Change

Climate Change Climate change poses significant challenges in Somalia, impacting food security, livelihoods, and environmental sustainability. At ACSOS Initiative, we develop and implement sustainable adaptation strategies, conservation efforts, and climate-resilient practices to mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come. default Home About Us Summary Partiners Contact […]
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Resilience Building community resilience is crucial in facing ongoing challenges such as conflict, natural disasters, and economic instability. Our resilience-building strategy focuses on strengthening social cohesion, disaster preparedness, livelihood diversification, and community empowerment initiatives. By enhancing resilience at the local level, we improve adaptive capacities and reduce vulnerabilities and reliance on humanitarian aid. Home About […]
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Mental Helath Mental health issues are pervasive in Somalia due to conflict, displacement, and limited resources. ACSOS Initiative advocates for mental health policies promotes access to quality mental health care services, and works to reduce stigma surrounding mental health. Our initiatives aim to improve psychosocial well-being, resilience, and support systems for individuals and communities Home […]
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Protection Protecting vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities (PWD), women, and children, is a priority at ACSOS Initiative. We work to strengthen protection systems, improve access to essential services, raise awareness about human rights, and address issues such as child marriage, gender-based violence, and exploitation. By advocating for protection rights, we ensure safety, dignity, and […]
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Civil Engagement

Civil Engagement Civil society plays a vital role in promoting democracy, human rights, and social justice. ACSOS Initiative collaborates with civil society organizations (CSOs) to enhance civil engagement, advocate for marginalized groups, and promote community participation in decision-making processes. Through capacity building, awareness campaigns, and partnership initiatives, we strive to create an inclusive and participatory […]
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PCVE Addressing the root causes of violent extremism requires a multifaceted approach. ACSOS Initiative engages in community outreach, youth empowerment programs, education initiatives, and collaborative efforts with government agencies, civil society, and international partners to prevent and counter violent extremism. By promoting resilience, tolerance, and inclusivity, we contribute to lasting peace and stability in Somalia. […]
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